We are located at the 76 km of the Almaty - Astana route in the Ile district of Almaty Region.

The territory of the complex covers an area of 205 hectares and is able to comfortably accommodate about 105 thousand people. There is also a developed parking system with 35 thousand parking lots.


Sokol STC Race Track is a large-scale project combining a complex of unique race tracks and entertainment. The commercial zone is open to all visitors of the race track. There are located the hotel, feeding centers, portable toilets, mini golf, paintball, as well as a vehicles museum. There is a camping zone for outdoor activities in the complex.


Race Hotel

Sokol STC Race Track is pleased to offer its visitors a comfortable accommodation in the cozy and modern rooms of the Race Hotel. Race Hotel, with a total area of 3,400 sq.m, has 44 rooms, 4 of which are family rooms (3-room apartment with 2 bathrooms and a living room), 4 are junior suite rooms (2-room apartment with a living room), 40 are rooms of standard class, with one double bed. At the hotel there are: a bar restaurant, a conference room for up to 75 people, with the possibility of renting, swimming pools (adult with the depth of up to 150 cm, children’s – of up to 40 cm) with a terrace, free Wi-Fi. The hotel has an adjacent parking for 50 lots.


Sokol STC Race Track is a place of rest for the whole family, where each visitor will find entertainment to their liking.

We are pleased to offer our guests:

swimming pools (for children and adults) walks on buggies and ATVs paintball club mini golf children zones elegant restaurant with Chef's menu  retro vehicles thematic museum camping zones.

Sokol STC Race Track provides the pilots and participants of competitions with the race tracks on all main types of motor sports disciplines.

Drifting tracks and sites

The multifunctional Sokol STC race tracks allow to conduct various racing disciplines, for example, such as drifting. During the drifting events, the designated site is equipped with special barriers, run-off areas are being prepared for a safe stop. There is a tire shop, emergency services and emergency medical services are on duty.



Sokol STC Race Track allows to use two tracks in parallel and configure them in various ways. Turns and combinations of some sections of the route allow the pilot to fully demonstrate all their skills to the spectators in the stands with a capacity of up to 1,500 people.

Karting track

Sokol STC Race Track has a full-fledged karting track having no analogues in Kazakhstan. The total length of the track is 1650 m, various turns, straight line and pit lane, all results are recorded with the most accurate telemetry system.



length: 1640 meters width: 10 meters length of the starting line: 12 meters number of right turns: 14 number of left turns: 10 direction of movement: clockwise number of track configurations: 5 there are 12 pits in the technical area.

Drag racing track

The straight drag strip line of 402 meters length is equipped with safety barriers separating the track and the audience, the most accurate “RaceAmerica” telemetry system for measuring the results of the races. There are so-called car return corridors which makes it possible to carry out races without delay. Also, emergency services and emergency medical services are on duty on the drag strip.



The total length of the track is 866 meters with the road section for brake release, the length of which is 348 meters. The track is equipped with “RaceAmerica” telemetry system, as well as the displays for showing the results of the races.

Road-circuit tracks

A unique race track, having no analogues in the world, in which construction the foreign architects and engineers are involved. The track meets all international requirements and standards. Upon the completion of the construction, the big ring is ready to host various motor championships, such as:


stages of the Moto GP world championship; stages of the WTCC road - circuit World Touring Car Championships; stages of the DTM German Touring Car Championships; stages of the Superbike Motorcycle World Championships.



length: 4495 meters; width: 15 meters; maximum straightaway speed - more than 300 km/h; number of right turns: 5; number of left turns: 8; direction of movement: clockwise; track architect - Hermann Tilke.

Motocross track

When designing a race track, the motocross, a popular type of motor sport, has also beent argeted. A closed track runs through the rough terrain, a complex with natural and artificial obstacles (steep ascents, descents, turns, ditches, sand, boards, ramps, track bridges).



The length of the track is 1308 meters in the northern part and 630 meters in the southern part. The total capacity of the stands is more than 4000 people. Paddock is able to host 800 vehicles.



76th km of Almaty - Astana route

Coordination of common issues and suggestions
Khodzhakhanov Rustam +7 707 701 50 55


Administrator of rental karting
Melekhova Oksana +7 705 775 11 11


Press service
Khodzhakhanov Rustam +7 707 270 77 11


Hotel manager
Koklin Aleksander +7 777 180 73 73

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