Sokol STC Race Track is all set to host various motor competitions at the top level.

Constant and systematic holding of mass sporting corporate and private events reserved the status of a reliable and experienced associate in the development of car / motorcycle culture for the Sokol STC Race Track among the organizers of competitions and sports promoters.


Year by year the competitions held at the Sokol STC Race Track become more and more popular. Race track provides an opportunity not only for professionals but also for amateurs to express themselves in motor sport. In addition to the direct provision of infrastructure for competitions, the race track provides full assistance to the organizers in terms of safety and discipline observance during the events.

Every year at the Sokol STC Race Track there are held such competitions as:

competitive races on karting road-circuit races   drag-racing   drifting competitions   motocross races.

All competitive events are held strictly according to the regulations and the “Rules of organizing and holding competitions.”



76th km of Almaty - Astana route

Coordination of common issues and suggestions
Khodzhakhanov Rustam +7 707 701 50 55


Administrator of rental karting
Melekhova Oksana +7 705 775 11 11


Press service
Khodzhakhanov Rustam +7 707 270 77 11


Hotel manager
Koklin Aleksander +7 777 180 73 73

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Координация общих вопросов и предложений
Ходжаханов Рустам +7 707 701 50 55

Администратор прокатного картинга
Мелехова Оксана +7 705 775 11 11

Пресс служба

Ходжаханов Рустам +7 707 270 77 11

Управляющий отелем

Коклин Александр  +7 777 180 73 73

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